Place to visit

Munnar is the ultimate destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat into the hills. It is the most popular pick among a number of beautiful honeymoon destinations in South India.

Munnar is a diversified canvas of sloping lush green tea plantations, gushing streams by the hillsides and winding undulating paths.

And there are some absolutely delightful activities to absorb the overwhelming beauty, a visual treat of the largest tea-growing region of peninsular India. Activities that everyone must try depending upon the time and duration of the visit.

Rajamalai/Eravikullam National Park
(13 kms from Residency)

See Nilgiri Thar (Hemitragas hypocrites) – an endangered species of mountain goats, rolling grasslands and sholas, spread over 97 sq km in the Rajamalai hills, rare flora and fauna, Atlas moth (largest in the world), lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, The Kurichi or Neelakurinji Flowers turn the hills of Rajamalai blue every 12 years. The next bloom will be in 2018. One can actually debate if going to the high peak just to see some goats is worth all the effort or not. However, the walk along the park is very romantic and has some breath taking view.

Anamudi Peak inside Eravikulam National Park
(9 kms from Residency)

The highest peak (2695 m) south of the Himalayas, towers over the sanctuary in majestic pride. The slopes of the hills abound in all kinds of rare flora and fauna. The Atlas moth, the largest of its kind in the world, is a unique inhabitant of the park. Other rare species of fauna found here are the Nilgiri Langur, the lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, etc. An ideal place for trekking, facilities are provided here and tourists are allowed to go on foot up to Anamudi.

Nyayamakad Waterfalls
(15 kms from Residency)

This place is renowned for the breathtaking waterfalls and is situated 15 kms from Munnar. Here, from the Nyayamakad waterfalls, waters falls from a height of 1000 meters, which makes it a breathtaking locale. It is also an excellent spot for trekking.

Tourists love Nyayamkadu Waterfalls for its natural beauty, and local people come here with their friends and families for picnics. Adventure enthusiasts, too, flock over for the exciting trek to reach the cascading waterfalls.

(40 kms from Residency)

The sight of Tamilnadu state spread before you on the east and the distant sight of the Arabian sea on the west will remain etched in your memory once you stand at this point which is the highest on the Munnar – Kodaikanal road. These solenoids were burial chambers made of four stones placed on the edge and covered by a fifth stone called the capstone. Some of these Dolmenoids contain several burial chambers, while others have a quadrangle scooped out in laterite and lined on the sides with granite slabs.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
(70 kms from Residency)

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a prominent reserve extending to an area of more than 90 sq km, and came to recognition as a world life sanctuary in 1984.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is in the Western Ghats in the rain shadow region. Chinnar receives only 48 days rain in a year during the months of October and November, that too when the northeast monsoons have set. The giant grizzled squirrel, tigers, gaur, spotted deer, kraits, turtles, vipers, black eagles, cormorants, spectacled cobras, and many more species observe this sanctuary as their home

Tea Museum
(2 kms from Residency)

TEA MUSEUM – a mini tea factory run by the TATA company, entry fee is applicable, and Mondays are a holiday.

A demonstration room for tea tasting is another attraction where one would come across different varieties of tea. One can taste some of the most exotic varieties of tea available around the world here. It has steadily turned into a must-visit spot for those who wish to delve into the soul of Munnar.

Mattupetty Lake and Dam
(15 kms from Residency)

The beautiful hill station of Mattupetty is a 13 km drive away from Munnar. The Mattupetty Lake and Dam is enroute to Top Station and is situated at an altitude of 1700 m. You will often see people enjoying a lazy picnic here. Visitors love the panoramic view of the dam surrounded by wooden hills. Boating is a popular activity here. The DTPC (District Tourism Promotion Council) Idukki has good facility for boating and has a fleet of speed boats, row boats and pedal boats. You will love trekking in the Shola forests around Mattupetty which is also home to a variety of birds. Walk along small streams and follow its meandering path till it falls down the hillside as a waterfall. The hill-side is dotted with pretty waterfalls that add to the attraction of the place.

The nearby forests are the best place to watch the indigenous and exotic birds. The numerous mountain streams and waterfalls make it an excellent trekking point and a picnic spot.

(28 kms from Residency)

This lake is very beautiful amidst lush jungles. Hiring a pedal boat and exploring the lake and its surroundings is an awesome experience. Except at the place you hired the boat, don’t expect to find humans around the lake as it is surrounded by scenic jungles and hills. Unless you know how to row a boat, prefer a pedal boat, each trip lasts around 30 min and will be closed at 4:30 PM

Echo Point
(20 kms from Residency)

on the way to top station from Munnar is a small lake set amidst rolling hills. Every loud call made from a spot on the lake embankment is returned manifold by the echo from the surrounding hills. Young tourists throng to this place to listen to the echoes of their friendship calls. Three mountain ranges – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala, meet at Echo Point. And you can walk around the gentle slopes or explore the surrounding tea plantations and spice gardens. You can also hop on a boat or sit by the lake watching the birds. It’s heaven for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers.

Top station
(34 kms from Residency)

On the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border, has great views of the Western Ghats. Top station is the “top”-tourist attraction. This place gives a real ‘above the clouds’ experience. Regular buses go to Top Station (1 hr) from Munnar The area is known for the Neelakurunji plant, which flowers only once every twelve years. The flower is violet

(14 kms from Residency)

This serene hill station is located seven km from Munnar. It has a host of exotic flora and fauna. Situated amidst this hill station is the Sitadevi Lake, which is renowned for its natural mineral water and breathtaking surroundings.

The lake draws tourists not only because of its sacredness but also for the curative powers of its mineral waters. Most of the inhabitants in this town speak Malayalam. Nearby, are the scenic Pallivasal Waterfalls, dense, green tea plantations, and the natural vegetation of slim red and blue, and yellow gum trees.

Lockhart Gap Road
(18 kms from Residency)

The Lockhart Gap is an awing destination offering position view of Bison Valley and hilly places close to Thekkaddy. A best location for picnic and leisure stroll, Lockhart Gap is just refreshing like any other piece of scene loaded in Munnar. You can palm out whole of Munnar and eye the prettiness of its surroundings from here. Well, driving over the Lockhart Gap from the south and taking a view from South is truly unforgettable. Days are beautiful here and evenings even wonderful. Hills and its scenic beauty bedded with tea and its aroma can be best viewed from Lockhart

Chinnakanal Waterfalls
(20 kms from Residency)

Located amidst the scenic Western Mountains, the Chinnakkal waterfall cascades from a steep rock that is 2000 m above sea level. Indeed it is a breathtaking view, which you can savor on the way to Periyar wildlife sanctuary from Munnar

The source is River Devikulam and the waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery. One can take snaps, bathe, enjoy the fall, and sit there for hours; you just can laze around the fall as much as you want.

Anayirangal Dam
(25 kms from Residency)

Surrounded by the Tata Tea plantations and evergreen forests, the Anayirangal Dam is a picturesque place, which is 22 kms away from Munnar. The view of the reservoir is breathtaking and you can enjoy it by taking a boat trip.

There are tea estates on either side of the road, one side beautiful valley with tea estates in different levels and the other side is hill with tea estates. There you have to go through nice thick forest on both sides of the road. You see trees with huge trunks on both sides of the road.

Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation
(35 kms from Residency)

Kolukkumalai tea estate is 35 km from Munnar. This is on a precipitous ridge above the scorching plains of Tamilnadu. This is the highest reputed tea estate at approximately 8000 feet above the sea level.

It produces excellent flavorsome teas and is publicized as the world highest tea production. Besides tea, Kolukkumalai is prominent for it panoramic views, and rugged mountains. On clear nights Kodaikanal is visible from here. The rejuvenating fresh air is a blessing in this place but life is very simple. Their world revolves around their homes and work.

(08 kms from Residency)

Just eight kms from Munnar, it is a picturesque place with Kerala’s the first hydro project.

As of 2011 Census, Pallivasal had population of 10,875 which constitutes 5,417 males and 5,458 females. Pallivasal village has an area of 33.89 km2 (13.09 sq mi) with 2,726 families residing in it. The average sex ratio was 1007 lower than state average of 1084. In Pallivasal, 9.4% of the population was under 6 years of age.

Attukad falls
(12 kms from Residency)

Situated between Munnar and Pallivasal, it is an ideal place for long trekking as it has many steep rocks and hill with numerous waterfalls.

The rejuvenating fresh air is a blessing in this place but life is very simple. Their world revolves around their homes and work.

Pothamedu View Point
(06 kms from Residency)

This place is renowned for plantation and is just seven kms from Munnar. It is a vantage point to enjoy the surrounding tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations.

Pothamedu Viewpoint is one of those places in Munnar which fills you with refreshing vibes. A never-ending cover of tea plantations, evergreen meadows and cars turning cautiously on the winding road below is the scene you witness.

(12 kms from Residency)

It was one of the favorite places of the erstwhile British. Now a quaint place with cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds, and courts it still exudes the old-world charm. Chithirapuram is renowned for its picturesque tea plantations. Exuding an old-world charm, visitors revel in Chithirapuram’s sleepy little cottages, bungalows, old playgrounds, and courts. Home of the Pallivasal Hydel Power Project, it is a veritable haven for those seeking a serene and secluded getaway.

Cheeyappara and Valara waterfalls
(45 kms from Residency)

It is located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi-Madurai highway. Cheeyapara Falls is a great trekking spot with waterfalls that cascades down in seven steps. Valara surrounded by woods has many waterfalls, which make it a scenic place.

(22 kms from Residency)

It is estimated that half of the world population, which is around 1300, is found here. The Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is an attempt to preserve this rare species of the goat family, which is fast approaching extinction. In Kerala, this sanctuary has one of the richest collections of flora including a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees, and climbers. There are also many birds, reptiles and other kinds of animals, Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers.